New glasses!

When investigating a blocked tear duct, we discovered that Isaac has a severe astigmatism in his left eye. His right eye has apparently been working overtime, because we had no clue he couldn’t see out of that eye! He passed all of his eye screenings at his regular doctor appointments, and the optometrist even said his eyes were great. It was the pediatric ophthalmologist that discovered it, and we’re happy that we found it early. Apparently, astigmatism is reversible when you catch it this young, and if the eyes cooperate, and of course, if the child will actually wear the glasses. Luckily, Isaac was thrilled to have glasses “just like Daddy” and they had a super cool style just perfect for an active little guy. Of course he chose ORANGE frames!!

They go great with his Orioles jersey, too.

Since we’ve taken these pictures, I’ve gotten the non-reflective lenses put in to make photography easier ;). I think he wears them well!

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