The Big 5

I can’t believe he’s five!


Here’s a little interview I did with the birthday boy:

What is your favorite color? Orange (nothing’s changed there!)
What is your favorite toy? Choo-choo train (never mind that he never plays with his trains, lol)
What is your favorite food? Pad Thai and maple cream sausage (?? Is this a thing?? lol)
What is your favorite dessert? Rice balls and coconut milk (no idea, haha)
What is your favorite thing to play? Duck Duck Goose
What is your favorite movie? Pony
What is your favorite TV show? George (Curious George)
What is  your favorite thing to do outside? Jump on the trampoline with grownups
What is your favorite book? Sleepy Bunny (LOL)
What do you like to wear? Summer pajamas with stripes
What was your favorite thing about being four? Kiss from Mommy
What are you looking forward to when you turn five? Playing basketball
What kinds of things do you like to do with Mommy? To get warm and hug my warm, precious Mom
What kinds of things do you like to do with Daddy? Shoot arrows
What is your favorite song? Final Countdown (Ha), and “Hold On, I will” (Mumford & Sons Thistle & Weeds)
Who is your favorite singer? Me. And you, Mama. The Beatles
What’s your favorite game? Basketball
What’s your favorite vegetable? Peppers
What’s your favorite drink? Sparkling water
What’s your favorite animal? Birds and foxes and bears
What’s your favorite tool to use? Hammer
Who do you like to kiss and hug? Only you.
Who would you like to come to your birthday party? Jeremiah (his best friend from baseball)
What would you like for your birthday? Basketball goal
Who loves you most? You and Daddy

He got the basketball goal he asked for. He and Chris love playing in the evenings before bed.

He got to open presents from the family at breakfast on his birthday, since we had a full day planned. He was especially excited to try out his new skateboard!


After presents, we headed out to Family Fun Day at our church – St Bernardine in Baltimore. He had a blast, enjoying some cotton candy, baseball games, bubbles and more with the other kids.

We meet up with Aunt Rachel and Uncle Jason that night for dinner in D.C. Isaac requested Fogo de Chao for his birthday, so we made it a joint celebration and celebrated Mommy’s birthday as well. Fogo is always a treat!

We had his party a couple weeks later, trying to hold out for warmer, dryer weather since we had an unseasonably warm and wet May. We had a great time celebrating with our friends!




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